August 20, 2017

Setting Marketing Focus On Your Landing Page

February 24, 2009 Jim Berkowitz

Here are several excerpts from an article by Jennifer Moline, Landing Pages Made Simple And Profitable: Landing pages are ideal for marketing strategies in order to find out which campaigns are being read and encouraging potential customers to click on links for more information. You can find out what about […]

Enterprises Thrive With Strong Internet Marketing

February 20, 2009 Frank Reed

Internet marketing and the SMB can be a powerful match. The Internet and its many channels (search, blogs, social media and more) can create opportunity that was not possible for many businesses just a few short years ago. Internet savvy marketers and business owners see the potential to bring leads […]

Developing Marketing Relationships During A Recession

February 17, 2009 Lee Odden

Search marketing has been known as recession resistant because so many companies shift or increase internet marketing budgets there in good times and in bad.  When other marketing and advertising channels don’t hold up to ROI scruitiny, tactics like SEO hold up rather well.  Sage advice on how to execute […]

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