March 30, 2017

Learning Ways To Better Measure Internet Marketing Success

June 6, 2009 Mike Moran

I realized that I never posted my slides from last week’s Dallas Inbound Marketing Summit. I’d only tweeted them to my Twitter followers. So, today, I am posting a longer version of those slides, called Internet Marketing by the Numbers, but I also want to tell you something about those […]

YouTube Continues Search For Its Monetization Sweet Spot

May 12, 2009 Jordan McCollum

In a story that has dragged on even longer than the Yahoo/Microsoft saga, YouTube continues to search for its monetization sweet spot. This January, they started a deal to run masthead ad units, which seventeen brands have utilized. Now they’re offering a synchronized homepage placement, and McDonald’s has signed up […]

How To Decide On Social Marketing Tactics And Measuring Success

April 27, 2009 Lee Odden

The benefit from a firm grasp of social media for companies is impossible to ignore. Whether you work in marketing, advertising, public relations or interactive, there are distinct competitive advantages for both individuals and businesses from a better understanding of the social web. This post provides specific advice from in-house […]

The Basics Of Internet Marketing On A Daily Basis

April 7, 2009 admin

I’ll be up front on this one. I am not a fan of the NBA anymore. I am, however, very quick to borrow their 24 second clock for an analogy. You see one thing that is rewarded in the pro game is getting an offensive rebound. When you get an […]

Reaching Your Full Revenue Potential

March 26, 2009 Bob Sullivan

It appears that lack of existing customer insight and the tools to leverage that insight is creating a revenue roadblock for many marketers. Despite the critical need to leverage current customer knowledge, especially during this recessionary period, many marketers are throwing up their own obstacles to reaching solid, ready-and-waiting opportunities. […]

The Unthinkable Community Driven Marketing

March 24, 2009 James Cherkoff

Clay Shirky’s latest essay, that encourages us to ‘think the unthinkable’, set me wondering about what the marketing industry could be like.  The part of Shirky’s ‘unthinkable scenario’ that leapt out for me was the suggestion that, ‘people would resist being educated to act against their own desires’. Shirky is, […]

Setting Marketing Focus On Your Landing Page

February 24, 2009 Jim Berkowitz

Here are several excerpts from an article by Jennifer Moline, Landing Pages Made Simple And Profitable: Landing pages are ideal for marketing strategies in order to find out which campaigns are being read and encouraging potential customers to click on links for more information. You can find out what about […]

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