October 21, 2016

Adblockers Are Profiteers Holding Us For Ransom!

August 8, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

“Adblocking has reached a tipping point,” said Hickey. “We know this because, bizarrely enough, adblocking was featured in an episode of South Park recently, which is very odd. Adblocking is literally being written about in hundreds and thousands of articles, but the thing that i think is not being spoken […]

In-Store Digital the Next Big Trend

August 1, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

The Absolunete report predicts the rise of what it calls “in-store digital”, where consumers make online purchases while inside the physical store. Technology will be used to improve the customer experience and to make it a personal by “integrated gathering that allows retailers to better understand customers and customer behavior.” […]

Cross-Device Ad Measurement is Extremely Important

July 11, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

Google recently conducted a live video hangout discussing cross-device measurement, which is extremely important to advertisers to properly attribute which ads are leading to sales. “With the proliferation of mobile devices we all know that user behavior has changed quite significantly over the past few years,” said Meghan Lee, Agency […]

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