May 25, 2016

Brand Advocacy As A Marketing Strategy

October 6, 2015 Bill Conticchio

Part 1: Observations I wanted to share some thoughts on a market trend that, while not new, is very much coming into its own in terms of capabilities and relevancy. Many of us are witnessing a paradigm shift in the selling of products or services. As control of an online […]

Avoid The 50 Ways Of Failing At Influencer Marketing

September 10, 2015 Lee Odden

Brands: Stop Doing These Things! Influencer Marketing is hot and that means the value of influencer relationships is higher than ever. Working hard to romance in-demand experts to collaborate, co-create and even advocate can be a substantial investment. The mutual benefit from these long term relationships can mean anything from […]

Do you still need to measure brand awareness?

July 14, 2015 Mike Moran

As a marketer, I am a late bloomer. I spent most of my career in technology, not doing any marketing at all until 20 years into my career, in 1998. Now I spend all of my time on marketing technology, so I have experience only in digital marketing–not with any […]

Important Things To Remember When Creating B2B Content

May 19, 2015 Lee Odden

Companies in the B2B space from IBM to HubSpot have been actively and effectively engaging prospects with longer sales cycle content for years. Like many competitive environments, a lot of emphasis for marketers has been about creating “more” content. More blog posts, videos, infographics, social messages, emails, and so on.

Brand Individuals and Influencers – Both Are Equally Important

March 30, 2015 Lee Odden

From creating advocacy programs to the content co-creation we specialize in at our agency, working with influencers presents a number of challenges, especially when it comes to effectively identifying, qualifying and recruiting. In fact, according to a study by Augure, 61% of companies say finding “true” influencers is a top challenge.

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