How To Solve Your B2B Marketing Data Problems

Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems. Business data is complex and fast-changing.  Customers interact with us through a variety of channels, and often provide us with conflicting information. Our legacy databases are not as robust as we need.  New tools and technologies emerge and must be evaluated.  It’s a never-ending battle. To shed some light on B2B data problems, Bernice Grossman and I compiled a working list of problems and solutions.  Here are some of the thorniest.

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Ruth Stevens   February 3rd, 2015

More on Marketing to Things

I’ve been working on that screenplay about marketing to things (see Do Self-Driving Cars Pick Their Own Gas Station?). It’s not going well – all the scenarios lead to self-aware computers taking over the world, which is both depressing and unoriginal. But I did come up with some interesting thoughts to consider while you’re waiting for that (computer-controlled) ball to drop at midnight. In no particular order:

– message overload is a fundamental problem for marketers: people get so many messages that it’s increasingly difficult to break through the clutter. Marketing directly to machines offers a way avoid the overload, especially as machines take over more of our day-to-day decision making.

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David Raab   January 13th, 2015

5 social media marketing predictions for 2015 that are flat-out wrong

It’s that time of year. Yes, those 2015 trends/prediction posts are just starting to roll out. And man, I’ve already had my fill.

Between the all-too-tired and predictable (2015 is the year of mobile!) to the ridiculously far-fetched (augmented reality will TRANSFORM PR in 2015!), I’m already fairly sick of 99% of these posts.

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Arik Hanson   December 9th, 2014

What the growth of inside sales means to B2B marketers

I heard an arresting comment at the LeadsCon conference in New York in August. The speaker claimed that inside sales has outstripped outside sales in B2B, a statistic that both surprised me and got me thinking. Turns out, the statement was based on a recent study showing that inside sales is growing 7.5%, compared to field sales at only 0.5%, and that as of 2013, 53% of the B2B sales rep population sells by phone, instead of face-to-face. It strikes me that this development bears enormous implications for B2B marketers.

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Ruth Stevens   November 4th, 2014

New Frontiers in Data Driven Marketing

I recently gave a talk on New Frontiers in Data Driven Marketing, which managed to incorporate Barbie, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, General Winfield Scott, and The Three Stooges. Let’s just say you had to be there. But even without celebrities, I think the list is worth a quick look as you start planning for next year’s marketing programs.

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David Raab   October 14th, 2014

Stop Dreaming of a Stripe Christmas

So, Twitter’s talking about allowing people to buy stuff from tweets. Great news, right! Umm, maybe…

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David Berkowitz   September 23rd, 2014

B2B Marketers still struggle with lead nurturing

I thought it was widely understood by now that staying in touch with a prospect who has shown some interest in your product or service can triple, even quadruple, lead-to-sales conversion rates.

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Ruth Stevens   September 2nd, 2014

B2B Marketing is Falling Down on the Job

I heard a horror story the other day from a consumer packaged goods executive ranting about a meeting with a vendor. “I gave the guy an appointment, and he spent the whole time presenting his product,” she said. “[He] never asked me a thing about my situation, and what I needed.” Another exec chimed in, “Yeah, when I hear about an interesting new solution, what I need most is to sell it internally. I’m not getting the help I need from the vendors these days.” I am cringing. What is going wrong here?

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Ruth Stevens   August 12th, 2014

Are Millennial Marketers More Analytical?

I had an interesting conversation this week with a vendor of marketing measurement systems on the question of why more marketers won’t buy his type of software. After all, surveys often show that marketers and CEOs alike rate better measurement as a high priority. Yet actual measurement techniques don’t improve much from year to year: to cite the most recent report to cross my desk, the 2014 State of Marketing Measurement Survey Report from Ifbyphone found that 45% of marketers are measuring Return on Investment in 2014 vs. 40% in 2013 — a gain that is probably within the survey’s margin of error. Other, simpler measures are more common and growing more quickly, but that’s exactly the point: marketers don’t invest in meaningful performance measures like ROI.

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David Raab   July 22nd, 2014

Are marketers underestimating the pace of technological change?

I speak and consult with clients frequently about the pace of technological change. I believe that all of us consistently underestimate how fast things are changing. I think that’s because the pace of change continues to increase–that means that changes don’t just continue to happen, but that the rate of change is actually getting faster. More things are changing this year than last year. In that type of environment, our feeble human brains (and mine often seems more feeble than most) have trouble adapting because we don’t know what to hold onto and what we can just not worry about. I found that out myself recently. I was staying in a hotel and got my wake-up call on how fast things are changing.

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Mike Moran   November 25th, 2013