February 27, 2017

The ‘Connected Effect’ Trumps Product Quality

October 5, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

Salesforce is conducting their annual Dreamforce conference this week with a variety of speakers giving talks. One that was interesting yesterday was from Bharat Anand, who is the Henry R. Byers Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Bharat’s talk was about ‘Digital Innovation Trends Shaping Our Future’ which […]

Brands Finding Success on Facebook Canvas

September 30, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

Canvas is Facebook’s mobile marketing platform for companies wanting to present a more immersive experience to potential customers. It’s a full-screen mobile ad that Facebook touts as loading nearly instantly and is designed specifically for Android and iOS devices. Using the same technology for loading photos and video quickly in […]

Sophisticated Advertisers Employ CRM Matching

September 21, 2016 Salim Tarazi

Given the “who’s who” list of platforms offering it, CRM matching has truly arrived. And why not? CRM matching is arguably the most advanced way for brands to connect the dots to their target audiences, and then help them deliver targeted messaging. Among its many selling points, CRM matching can […]

Adblocking is a Brutal Countermeasure

August 10, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

“I’m not to make any predictions about adblocking, and nor should you, at least not with confidence,” says Ian Lesley, author and brand strategist at the Shift adblocking session. “Ten years ago everyone knew that TV advertising was dead and DVR’s meant that ad skipping was about to become the […]

Adblockers Are Profiteers Holding Us For Ransom!

August 8, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

“Adblocking has reached a tipping point,” said Hickey. “We know this because, bizarrely enough, adblocking was featured in an episode of South Park recently, which is very odd. Adblocking is literally being written about in hundreds and thousands of articles, but the thing that i think is not being spoken […]

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