May 28, 2017

Marketers Less Invested Into Snapchat

March 15, 2017 admin

On the heels of Snapchat’s historic tech IPO a few days ago, which was second only to Facebook, comes less promising news for the social and messaging app leader. A survey of 1,600 marketers published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age shows that return on ad dollars from Snapchat […]

Lyft Sees Success Using Unique Brand Ads

March 14, 2017 admin

Can brand ads for apps drive installs better than traditional direct response ads? That’s what Lyft discovered working with Google’s Art, Copy & Code project. In a case study published today, Google shares some surprising findings from their analysis of thousands of YouTube videos running TrueView app install ads for […]

IBM and Salesforce Team Up On Intelligence

March 6, 2017 admin

IBM and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership on Monday that brings insights from IBM’s Watson AI into Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform. Integrating IBM Watson APIs will add a new level of AI to Salesforce’s Einstein to offer more insights for sales, service, marketing, commerce and more. Retailers, for example, […]

Marketing the Crave on Instagram

January 26, 2017 EnterpriseMarketingNews

According to a post on the Instagram Business blog the number one driver of visits to restaurants is the act of craving. In advertising this simply means making people hungry for what your are selling. Restaurants love Instagram because of its visualness, its frequent use of video in posts and […]

How Will the Internet of Things Impact Marketing?

November 30, 2016 EnterpriseMarketingNews

IBM’s IoT marketing director was recently asked how will the Internet of Things impact marketing. “It really comes down to the data that’s available to marketers,” said Neuman. “When you think about the sensors and what they are connected to, reaching out to where customers are and where they are […]

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