July 1, 2016

New Marketing Tools For Business Offered By Instagram

Taking the lead of its Mother Ship Facebook, Instagram announced some new tools designed to make Instagram a better place for business. Instagram is already being used by many businesses such as McDonald’s, Nike and Ford to effectively promote their products and services. After listening to customer feedback three key […]

“Girls Who Code” Gets Humorous In McCann Ad Campaign

May 17, 2016 admin

Non-profit advocacy group “Girls Who Code” is launching a humorous and satirical ad campaign via New York based advertising agency McCann. The ads satirically have girls giving excuses as to why they can’t code such as their menstrual cycle, boobs, long eyelashes or that they’re beautiful. The groups goal is […]

eBay Enterprise Marketing Goes Pepperjam

April 11, 2016 Chris Crum

eBay Enterprise Marketing has rebranded to Pepperjam. If that sounds familiar, it very well should. As you may or may not recall, eBay bought Pepperjam and its parent GSI Commerce for $2.4 billion back in 2011. At the time, eBay said it intended to lead the next generation of commerce […]

Marketing with Instagram – The Good and the Bad

March 7, 2016 Chris Crum

These days, if you’re not marketing on Instagram, you’re likely missing out, but at the same time, things aren’t as rosy in that department as they once were. For those trying to get more marketing bang from the photo and video sharing service, there’s good news and bad news, and […]

Good Web Marketing Requires Good Listening

February 8, 2016 Stoney deGeyter

The role of a web marketer often entails telling the client what they believe needs to be done in order for the site to succeed online. But before an SEO campaign can even begin, there is a good amount of “listening” that needs to happen. Before starting any web marketing […]

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

January 4, 2016 Kristen Matelski

Marketing automation sounds nice, and any kind of automation can make life easier when used properly. However, as with most technologically fueled tasks, it may not always live up to the hype. Maintenance, oversight, and glitches may throw a marketing team off balance, creating more work in the long run. […]

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