Are marketers underestimating the pace of technological change?

I speak and consult with clients frequently about the pace of technological change. I believe that all of us consistently underestimate how fast things are changing. I think that’s because the pace of change continues to increase–that means that changes don’t just continue to happen, but that the rate of change is actually getting faster. More things are changing this year than last year. In that type of environment, our feeble human brains (and mine often seems more feeble than most) have trouble adapting because we don’t know what to hold onto and what we can just not worry about. I found that out myself recently. I was staying in a hotel and got my wake-up call on how fast things are changing.

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Mike Moran   November 25th, 2013

Instagram Ads and What it Means for Brands

A few weeks ago, Instagram announced that users would soon start seeing ads in their feeds. This announcement was met with some concern that the platform that’s known for organic content would be flooded with irrelevant, spam-like ads from brands. Instagram is hoping to keep the same natural look but give brands a way to expand their reach and engage with potential customers. It is important for both users and marketers to understand what they can expect from Instagram ads, how they will be targeted and what it means for brands.

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Vanessa Williams   October 29th, 2013

Content marketing requires a sound foundation

Two words I’ve heard mentioned a lot recently are “content marketing.”

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Neville Hobson   October 1st, 2013

NitroMojo and Marketing Advocate Specialize in Marketing Automation for Channel Partners

As I noted in a post last year, there is a universe of specialized marketing automation systems for companies that sell through channel partners. These products address several interrelated challenges: distributing leads to partners without losing track of performance; distributing partner-customized versions of company-created content; and helping partners run their own marketing campaigns. Here are two more vendors with related offerings:

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David Raab   September 3rd, 2013

How RightWave Solves the Marketing Automation Skill Shortage

One of the main reasons that marketing automation has not been adopted more quickly is that too few marketers know how to fully use it. For example, a recent Gleanster report found that 73% of top performers listed lack of skilled staff as one of the top challenges to success. Marketing automation vendors have adopted different strategies to deal with their problem, including making their systems easier to use, offering extensive training, and providing services to run the systems for their clients.

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David Raab   August 13th, 2013

The Most Important Word When Building Your Personal Brand

Do your colleagues have a choice word for you? If not, here’s why you want them to…

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Dharmesh Shah   July 30th, 2013

Brian Solis, new marketing, and the four moments of truth

In a new world of marketing, strategists are seeking answers about technology, direction, and best practices. Brian Solis believes that in doing so, we are already on the wrong path. It’s not about social media nor is it about B2B vs B2C.

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Neville Hobson   July 9th, 2013

Neolane Interaction Tightly Integrates Real-Time and Outbound Marketing Campaigns

As I mentioned last week, there haven’t been many new B2C marketing automation products in recent years. But this doesn’t mean the industry has been stagnant. New developments have come from established vendors who are steadily expanding their products.

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David Raab   June 18th, 2013

Questions Marketers Want To Know About Social Media

What if you could tap into the minds of 3,000 marketers to find out where they stand when it comes to social media marketing? How valuable would it be to know how your peers are handing the time commitments, social media platforms and measurement?

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Lee Odden   May 28th, 2013

Marketing Tip: Sell Them Ideas

The most successful business owners have discovered that you do not sell a product or service: You sell the idea. Today’s post explains why they do it and why YOU should consider doing the same!

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Jim Connolly   May 7th, 2013