February 27, 2017

What the growth of inside sales means to B2B marketers

November 4, 2014 Ruth Stevens

I heard an arresting comment at the LeadsCon conference in New York in August. The speaker claimed that inside sales has outstripped outside sales in B2B, a statistic that both surprised me and got me thinking. Turns out, the statement was based on a recent study showing that inside sales […]

MTV: Facebook Fan Page Example in Detail

April 12, 2011 Ann Marie Taepke

I want my MTV… on Facebook!  Keeping the 26 Facebook Fan Examples in Detail party rolling, we continue with #6, the MTV fan page.  Over 18 million people like this page and it’s easy to see why.  The MTV Facebook page posts consistently, delivering real-time wall content including behind-the-scenes video, […]

Internet Marketing Grinders Are Winners

March 1, 2011 Frank Reed

First of all, for you folks in New England that refer to a sub or a hoagy as a “grinder,” this is not about that. You can probably come up with a few funny images or comments and you are more than welcome to share them in the comments section. […]

Bridging Targeted Marketing To Online Data

February 15, 2011 Gary Angel

The first post in this series discussed two fundamental principles that underlie the process of Web analytics: the assumption of intentionality and an understanding of the “natural structure” of the Web site. The assumption of intentionality is simply the claim that visitor’s navigational behavior is indicative of interest. The claim […]

Understanding The Difference Of Cost Among SEMs

January 17, 2011 Avelyn Austin

Why does the cost of search engine marketing (SEM) – which includes search engine optimization and/or pay-per-click advertising – drastically differ between agencies? This is a question that I hear at least once per month from potential clients who are thoroughly searching for the right SEM agency. For individuals inside […]

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