July 25, 2017

Staying Focused On Your Marketing Goals

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a real problem these days. At least that’s what the mental health organizations are claiming which, in some cases, simply makes people label things just to label them but that’s a discussion for another time and place.

As it relates to marketing though, I firmly believe that the online marketer of today is being pushed into behaviors that mimic those with serious disorders that hamper their ability to concentrate on one thing long enough to see it to fruition. This point was driven home today in a post from Paul Gillen about Social CRM. What Paul describes so well I have been thinking for a while. Every time I see the idea of social CRM come up I wonder how in the world that would even begin to work when we haven’t even figured out CRM first! Here are some of Paul’s thoughts.

CRM is a well-established discipline that presumes that the more information we can capture about a customer’s interactions with our company, the better we can deliver products and services that the person wants to buy. It seems only natural that online social interactions should be part of this profile. Vendors of CRM services, who are always looking for differentiation points in that crowded market, have lately been talking up this social dimension as a kind of CRM 2.0.

The problem is that most of their customers are still struggling to get CRM 1.0 right.

As a result, marketers are being pushed to look ahead before they have created a strong foundation on what they are presently working on. The rapid pace of ‘advancement’ is forcing people to leave projects behind unfinished because if they are not riding the next wave they will not be part of the future.

This makes marketers look at and over evaluate every shiny object that crosses their path. Then they wonder why their systems are in disarray. It’s obvious. Whenever you put together a motor (in this case the system) with only partially finished parts and section, that engine motor will not run. It’s that simple.

So marketers, before you are distracted by some sales pitch or blog post that says “Get on board or else your career will be choking on our exhaust!” take a step back. Chances are that the engine you would be hitching your wagon to is suffering from the same kind of ‘half done is better than not done’ thinking that we have created in the Internet marketing space.

Be the tortoise rather than the hare and be satisfied. You’ll survive without every latest and greatest ‘revolution in marketing’. In fact, you’ll probably pass right by that new ‘can’t live without’ as it struggles to get itself out of the ditch on the Internet’s super highway. How did it get there? It forget to keep its eye on the road as it was trying to sell itself to people like you.

Stay focused and don’t get distracted by every little ‘next greatest thing’. You’ll be happier and more successful for it.


Frank Reed
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