July 25, 2017

Writing Strong PayPerClick Text Ads

Creating high converting text ads for search engine marketing is no easy task, but there are certain key factors that can help you create ads that both grab the attention of the searcher and lead them along through the conversion process.

Below is a breakdown of the sections of a text ad and certain items that should be contained within each section.

Headline:The headline helps you catch the eye of the searcher and should immediately proclaim ‘Hey! I am relevant to what you are looking for!’ If you look at the ad below you can see the term ‘Contact Lenses’ (the search query entered) appears in the headline, letting the searcher know that the ad is offering what they are looking for.

PPC Text Ads

If you have created very granular ad groups you can create text ads that utilize keywords or keyword phrases within the headline. I recommend staying away from DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion). This can lead to you ad using lowercase letters in the headline.

If you have enough remaining characters you can highlight other specifics about your product or service. For example high lighting things like ‘99% Approval Rate’ or ‘15% Off’ can help increase your CTR and set you apart from your competition.

Description Line One:The first line of your text ad description must do two things – answer the searchers questions and include the keyword or keyword phrase.

If someone is searching for discount contacts or cheap flights like the following text ad, let them know that you are the solution to their question.

PPC Description Line

If you include the exact keyword within your description line it will not only be bolded and catch the eye of the searcher but also show relevancy to the query.

Description Line Two:In the second line of your text ad it is important to set yourself apart from your competition. If you do not require credit checks for loans or you have more products available then your competition, let them know through your text ad.

Most importantly your second line should contain a CTA or Call To Action. If you are attempting to have site visitors sign up for free information using a CTA like ‘Sign Up Now!’ will set an expectation of the potential visitor. If you are driving searchers to your site to apply for a loan using a CTA like ‘Get Cash Now’ or ‘Apply Now!’ can help lead to conversions.

PPC Description Line


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